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Written by ean-Matthew Tamba III   
Thursday, 04 November 2010 12:37

new electoral hiatus over the fate of thousands of Guinean voters who fled several towns north of the country during last month's violence is threatening the belated run-off polls slated for this weekend.Media reports said Tuesday that Mr. Cellou Dalien Diallo is taking the electoral commission to task over the ballot losses his party is likely to incur if his displaced supporters are denied their voting rights .

The villagers were forced to flee their homes when violence erupted among rival supporters. Those affected are ethnic Fula people and kins of Mr. Diallo who are the majority tribe in Guinea.

They also suffered the most from other election-related clashes earlier across the country including the capital Conakry. The Fulas are mostly business people who own large commercial enterprises in many countries in West Africa and whose businesses were attacked, looted and burnt down in Conakry during last month's mass electoral violence.

Reports quoted supporters of Mr. Diallo's Union of Democratice Forces party of Guinea saying that they will not return to their towns to be "massacred" by supporters of Prof. Conde's 'Rassemblement des Peuples Guineens' or RPG.

But the RPG supporters insist that Mr. Diallo's supporters were finding a pretext for their leader to buy time and prepare better for the polls and which they say is 'inadmissible".

Meanwhile, the electoral commission officials say they are awaiting response to government appealing to step up security and protection for the ethnic Fulas in upper Guinea.

The commission also ordered voters who fled their homes in upper Guinea to proceed to polling stations on November 7 in the localities where they are living now and will be allowed to vote once they can be identified.


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